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Electric Garage Door

Electric Garage Door

Our experts have good reputation and ensure our clients’ safety and security

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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

Our emergency professionals are trained and offer same day garage door repair services. We specialize in all garage systems and are very meticulous

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Rollup Garage Door

Rollup Garage Door

We have the best team for garage door repair, installation, replacement and routine services and guarantee excellence in every service

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Best instructions to keep the garage door perfect

Learn simple solutions to keep the quality of your garage door by reading the write-ups below.

Should I get an aluminum garage door or a steel one?

As the technicians at Garage Door Repair Flowery Branch put it, steel garage doors share many of the characters of aluminum doors. Both materials are inexpensive, can easily be painted over, and are available in several textures. Aluminum is lighter than steel which doesn’t make it good if your garage door is near impact-prone areas like a basketball court.

I live in a coastal area. What is the best material for a garage door?

For houses in coastal areas, garage doors made of fiberglass may be the best option. Fiberglass is very light and can fade because of weather exposure. It is however the most resistant to salt-water corrosion than any of the other garage door materials. Fiberglass garage doors can be painted and is better resistant to dents than steel.

Is it easy to change the battery of the remote?

It's a piece of cake since all you have to do is open the cover at the back side of the clicker, remove the old batteries and place the new ones. According to Garage Door Repair Flowery Branch remote controls need simple batteries and you can find them in all hardware stores.

Why galvanized springs are not recommended?

Galvanized garage door torsion springs may look good but they are not as strong as oil tempered ones, which are heated in high temperatures. The truth is that galvanized springs may break easier according to the specialists of our garage door company in Flowery Branch.

Do all springs last for ten thousand cycles?

Average garage door springs for standard door systems usually last for ten thousand cycles. Though, there are springs that last for much longer and these are usually for commercial garage doors and some springs last for less. The latter ones are not recommended because they are not practical and usually not very strong.

Can I take care of my garage door alone?

It's always preferable to leave garage door repairs to our adept technicians in Flowery Branch. This is honest advice for the avoidance of injuries and further problems. Though, you can check visually the overhead door parts yourself, lubricate them, clean the door and the tracks, tighten a few fasteners, check the force of the door, adjust opener settings, and align the sensors.

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